- 170g -

It’s all about the marmalade twist!

Ingredients: All citrus peels with fruit juices, natural pectin, 35% sugar.

About House of Marmalade:
House of Marmalade revives the delicious recipe of “Teta Adma” to introduce it in every home nostalgic to the sweet touch of tradition. Used creatively, marmalade can add to your cuisine this amazing “je ne sais quoi” that makes it truly irresistible. It's not just about savoring its authentic homemade taste anymore, but also learning how to share experiences and create stories around it, sweet enough to pass for generations to come.


House of Marmalade, an award winning marmalade maker, preserves the sweetness

of tradition by reviving and reinventing Grandmother “Teta” Adma’s simple and timeless citrus recipe.

With drastically reduced sugar and keeping flavor and texture intact.

With a passionate want to gather you around the table to share stories, make memories and savor the experiences.

Whiskey Marmalade

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