- 300g - 

Our concentrated homemade tomato paste is a rich addition to your stew or pasta.

Ingredients: Tomato and salt.


About Food and Roots:                                                                                                Food and Roots is a new socially engaged brand of traditionally innovative locally grown Lebanese products refined to fit modern life.                                                            Food and Roots gathers, packages and sells traditional and innovative products from different rural areas of Lebanon in order to create market access to the small-scale producers via several urban and point of sales.
The products include a range of seed-to-table; fresh produce, processed mouneh and ready-to -cook or eat products made by carefully chosen small scale producers
Food and Roots implement proper quality control, food safety standards, climate smart approaches and sustainable agriculture practices that are designed to sustain the rural communities in their land.

Each product you purchase has a direct impact on a network of local farmers which can only grow with your support.


Tomato Paste - معجون الطماطم

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