- From 500ml -

Natural handmade liquid Soap with a scent of laurel

Ingredients: 100% pure olive oil, laurel extract. 

About Khoder Serhan:
In 1989 after Harb El Tahrir, Koder left the shoe business in Beirut, moved back to his hometown of Kfarkela, Marjaayoun and began his small business 'Coop Kfarkela' of utilizing excess olive oil for soap. The region, rich in it's olive production, he realized always had trouble selling all of it's oil. "If not preserved properly, the shelf life of olive oil doesn't exceed eighteen months, and I knew I could help the producers and purchase all the left over and make something useful". This opportunity allowed Koder and his family to enter the soap business.

Liquid Laurel Soap - صابون الغار السائل

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