- 300g - 

Originated in our hometown Kfar-Hoȗné, this signature mix brings together our village’s all-time favorite delicacy, goat kishk, and the country’s best spice. Goat kishk, a Mediterranean blend of cracked wheat and goat yogurt, grants za’atar a sharp and rich tang and entices your taste buds with a true taste of Lebanon’s heritage.
Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

Ingredients: Zaatar, sesame seeds, goat kishk, sumac, black seeds and sea salt.

About The Good Thymes:

The Good Thymes is the brainchild of Fady Aziz; designer by day and nature-lover around the clock, Fady sought a project that would take him away from his desk and screen, closer to earth and his birthplace in the countryside of Southern Lebanon. His love for the distinctive savor of Lebanese thyme lead him to start an agriculture venture in Kfar-Hoûné and its surroundings, where he procured a number of abandoned centenarian terraces and set up a zaatar farm.

Kfarhouneh Zaatar Mix

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