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- 340g - 

Ingredients: Bread flour, milk, salt (less than 2%), eggs, sugar, butter, yeast, chocolate spread. (May contain traces of nuts).

About Atelier n7:
Atelier n7 is a home based atelier in Mazraat Yachouh , specialized in artisanal bread making. Prioritizing quality over quantity, every bread is crafted to perfection using slow fermentation, levain and quality ingredients. All the breads are hand mixed and hand kneaded.                           
Assaad, a young bake-a-holic architect in his twenties, developed bread recipes through intensive research and trials. During quarantine, he reconnected with his old friend Perla, and laid foundations of Atelier n7. They embarked together on a never ending journey of food craftsmanship. Based on fermentation as well, they are currently developing fermented sauces and they will be launching soon a new proudly made Lebanese product. 

Chocolate Babka Bread - خبز البابكا بالشوكولا

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