About Us

Mawsam focuses on enhancing the Business Development and the Market Access of the Lebanese Small Scale Producers. After studying and understanding the status of Lebanese SSPs (urban and rural) who adopt slow food practices*, and exploring their potentials as well as their challenges; Mawsam has tailored a business model that offers solutions on 3 main axes:
  • Business-to-Consumer Level
  • Business-to-Business Level
  • Individual Development & Training Level
*Food that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high-quality locally sourced ingredients
The vision at Mawsam is to be the One-Stop-Shop for Lebanese Small Scale Producers, allowing them to benefit from the hub’s access to market, logistical facilities for warehousing and distribution, and the expertise of the Team in Business Development and Market Access in Development.
Mawsam promotes the following principles and ethics:
  • Lebanese Small Scale Producers are at the core of our work, their well-being and livelihoods are our priority.
  • Mawsam, by its mission, aims at contributing to the development of the sector by providing services and solutions that are seldom attended by the government and/or by the humanitarian sector.
  • Mawsam, by its vision, aims at promoting climate-smart and environmentally-sound products, while establishing the adequate infrastructure to ease their access on different levels.